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  • josh landscape

    Hailing from New York City, Josh began his career as a piercer. After nine years, earning a formidable reputation, and having one of the greatest piercing portfolios possible… Continue reading

  • amir

    Born and raised in Israel, Amir started as a piercing in 2002 under Kevin Pawn1 at Post-Primitives. In 2005 he began an apprenticeship at Family First Tattoos under George… Continue reading

  • jeff landscape

    Originally from the farmlands of Iowa and after serving in the United States Army as a paratrooper, Jeff has been tattooing for the last seven years. He’s loud, always down for a good time… Continue reading

  • brent

    Though originally from New York, Brent started his tattoo career at Olde City Tattoo in Philadelphia as a counter guy. After a period of time overseas, he was hired for Dr. Ink… Continue reading

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